Care tips for glass furniture

glass furnitureGlass furniture is definitely one of the most cherished aspects of your home. The very presence of glass assures a classy appeal reflecting the elegant taste of the homeowner. If your home follows a contemporary theme, glass tables would be fit perfectly. However, glass furnishing demands proper care to ensure a strong durability.

You must make sure to dust the glass table and racks regularly to keep them spick and span. Dust on glass looks terrible and the dirt particles can lead to bad scratches if not dusted off on time. Then, the glass furnishing needs to be mopped at least once a week. You will get mild glass compatible cleaning solutions in the market that are especially made for glass surface. Use soft cloth or a sponge to mop on the glass surface. Glass surfaces always need a gentle touch given their vulnerability to scratches.

Coasters are of great help when it comes to glass furnishing. Do not ever place anything, especially the heavy objects, directly on the glass surface. Always use coasters underneath anything you put over the glass table. You should even request your guests to follow the same when they are lowering down their glasses or bowls on your glass table. The best idea is to have a rack underneath the glass table where you can store the things.

Always keep your glass table covered with a soft table cloth to avoid dust deposition as much as possible. Do not carry your culinary works like cutting and chopping on the glass tables as these can lead to bad stain or scratches on the surface.

If your glass table has got slight scratches, use your transparent nail polish to fill up the little cavities & conceal the marks. However, big marks would call for a timely professional attention.

How to take care of your wooden door

wooden doorHardwood door is indeed a beauty. It’s said that the hardwood presence at your home elevates its glam appeal by a great extent and ensures good longevity. However, hardwood doors call for a sincere maintenance routine if you want to cherish that enriched aura for years. The post here is a little bit on how to take care of wooden door.

Polishing is a prime word when it comes to wooden door. It’s the initial step needed to maintain the overall outlook of the door. Actually, the hardwood doors tend to lose out on its finishing over time which calls for little refresher. It’s especially the case when you have got hardwood for your exterior door – that is constantly exposed to external elements like harsh sun rays, storm, downpour etc. Polishing is easy on the hardwood door and you can get it done yourself only. You will simply need a premium furniture polish & dust rag. In case you find some dirt marks on the door, make sure to clean it up with wood-specific cleaner, before you go on with polishing.

It’s to stress here that the wood finish starts to fade despite regular polishing. Thus, you have to be protective about the hardwood door finish to confirm that it doesn’t fade away. You will start off with sanding on outside layer of the door, followed by a through dust wipe off with a damp clean cloth. Now, just put on a couple of fade-resistant coats, backed by UV inhibitor. The UV inhibitor would work as a sun-screen for your door, keeping the finishing guarded against the scorching sun rays.

If you have got your hardwood door painted, make sure to get fresh paint coats after every few years as the paint would fade as well, over time. Go for UV-protector paints.

Solutions for wine stains on your carpet

wine stains on your carpetDid your best carpet just get spoilt with wine marks? Now just whining over the wine mark won’t help much will it. It’s best to start up with the cleaning process as soon as possible without any delay or further damage. The first reaction to the spilled wine on a light coloured carpet would be taking a clean cloth and dabbing the damaged portion of the carpet so as to remove the excess of wine and thus stopping it from spreading further. To start off with it you can take a clothing stain remover or carpet shampoo and start rubbing away as much as the stain goes.

Another step of cleaning will be to blot up the red wine stain mark and spraying hydrogen peroxide over it and then covering the whole by sprinkling baking soda. Let these two elements fully cover the stain mark for a whole 3-4 minutes. Rinse it with water henceforth. Another way would be using white wine in counter action with red wine. Pour the white wine onto the stained area and very soothingly splotch the liquid with a cloth, make sure not to rub as this might just make the stain more irremovable. The white wine will neutralize the effect of the colouring of the red wine and it will be much easier to remove the stain of colour from the carpet.

If the stain is still persistently holding on to the carpet then salt or soda can be used for the lifting out the wine pigment. The carbonation which the club soda provides can be used for removing the stain of the red wine while the salt acts as a buffer to keep the stain from soaking in deeper. A mixture of vinegar, dish soap and warm water can also be used for cleaning.

How glass furniture gives a different look to your home

glass furnitureA very important part of modern furniture is the glass furniture that has their origin in 1350 AD. Kings and queens from the medieval period have been using glass furniture as a decoration for their palaces especially in the European countries. England and France also have used glass in a very unique way to ensure a different identity from others. Many types of glass furniture have been made by designers since its origin. A modern contemporary look has been brought to the houses by using silica to make glass sheets and then blending it with wooden furniture. Since that time glass furniture gives out a different charm and sophistication.

Glass furniture is though fragile but can be resistant if maintained in the true sense. It is not only beautiful but also has immense functional quality. If your wall color is dark and the interiors are not very spacious, glass furniture is the ideal option that you can opt for to enhance the look of your house. The glass reflects the light into your house and delivers an extraordinary look. The most unique quality of glass furniture is that it gets blended with any designs and color themes that your house possess. If you are thinking of changing the look of your interior within a very short time, the ultimate solution is glass furniture. The style and beauty can create a topic of discussion among the visitors of your house. A very neat look is given to the house, if you are opting for glass furniture because it is a symbol of transparency. Fewer amounts of spills and stains can be seen on glass dining tables and a regular cleaning with a proper chemical is only that is required to maintain its natural look.

Nowadays only tempered and toughened glasses are used nowadays to make the glass furniture so that they are safe and long lasting. But it is advisable to do a detailed research before going to shop for glass furniture regarding the price ranges and the quality.

An Overview Of Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel TablesFurniture is generally very costly. Thus whenever you buy furniture, you want to get hold of something that is worth every penny you spend on it. Money is not easy to come by and so if you work hard daily to earn your income then you should make it a point to spend it in the right way. Your home might look totally incomplete without a table. Therefore you must buy a good table for your home. Stainless steel tables are extremely popular among the homeowners due to their affordability and elegant look.

Tables made out of stainless steel have excellent durability and decorative appeal because of which they are a perfect addition to homes that have contemporary décor. However, it does not mean that stainless steel tables do not match the houses which have some ancient house décor. If you want a useful and absolutely gorgeous table then stainless steel tables should be your first choice. These tables can last for longer periods of time due to the sturdiness of stainless steel.

Once you invest in these tables, you will not have to change your tables again and again. Along with that you do not have to worry about repairing them. Stainless steel tables do not require regular maintenance as well. You can clean them very easily without much difficulty. The costs of these tables are also quite reasonable so that anyone can afford buying them.
You can move the stainless steel tables from one place to another very expediently because these have a light weight. Nowadays, you can get hold of stainless steel tables that have innovative and dexterous designs. Buy these tables from the local furniture store. If you want good deals on these tables then visit some online stores as these stores have a very good collection of stainless steel tables that also at competitive prices.

Tips on garden décor

garden décorAre you building a new home? You will definitely want it to be decorated in the most attractive and unique way. You can use a number of home décor accessories to decorate your home. But adding a garden to your home will give your home an aesthetic sense of beauty. If you want to make a garden, then you have to start planning for it before you start the construction. Depending on the area available to you, you have to plan on the amount of area where you want to build your house and the part where you want to do some gardening. Garden doesn’t only mean a place for growing trees and plants. You can even decorate your garden in such a way that it will give your house an awesome appearance. You need to do a little research on garden decorating tips before you start decorating your garden.

Decide what plants you want to have in you’re in your garden. it is advisable; that you plan both flower plants as well as some of the decorative plants in a proper way to create a perfect scene. Planting plants haphazardly without proper planning will make your garden look messed up rather than attractive and beautiful. You can even go for landscaping in your garden as it will give your garden an attractive look. It is preferred that you consult some professionals for landscaping. Using pebbles in your garden to create a pathway is a perfect idea. You can stroll around in the garden area in the evening or morning. A garden fountain is the best thing you can do to make your garden look pretty. You need to maintain your garden including the plants and the fountain regularly to keep its beauty intact.

Basic tips about home décor

home décorHome is something that normally gives a reflection about the people who are living in it and so does the decoration in your home. It tells a lot about how aesthetic you are and your taste. Be it eclectic, simple, modern or traditional the way you decorate your house gives that first impression that you always want to make on another person.

Decorating your home can be easy if you have got a fixed theme and decide on it beforehand. This will help you to choose the pieces that would help you to decorate the house. Take for example if you are planning to decorate your house in a traditional format then you will need lots of antique furniture, the rooms should be designed in such a way so that it looks really old. There are various colors or wallpapers that depict such a theme.

In another case if you want to design it in a modern way you will have lots of options. First of all you need to have lots of colors. That does not mean you will have to turn the rooms into a rainbow. You can always have a separate color for each and every different object that is there in the room. The walls can be of one color and then the windows and doors can be of another color. You can have a separate place where you can keep some of the best collections of show pieces. They look really classy if you keep them on a wall rack. Apart from all this there are options to have different covers for the pillows, dining tables, cushions and the bed. So the basic thing that you need to keep in mind is the theme and once you decide that every other thing will fall into place automatically.

Wedding party decor for your home

Wedding party decorIf recently there is any wedding party in your home, then you will definitely want a perfect wedding party décor for your home. It is not very difficult to achieve a wedding party décor in your home. You just have to follow few basic things. At the very first free your house of all type of clutter.

Once this is done, next it is time for you to go for the perfect décor. You can go for the various themed decors or you can also decorate your home randomly. Since it is a wedding party, flowers will be a very important décor accessory. You can use various beautiful flowers including orchid to decorate your room. You can either hang them up on the walls or else you can even keep them in the flower vases.

You can also use various embroidered ribbons to hang them across the room giving a royal and classy look to your room. You can also contact some wedding planner or interior decorator to give your room a perfect wedding party décor.

Tips to decorate your study

decorate your study roomYour study is a very important place where you do your work and meet people. So it is very important to decorate your study properly to create a perfect work ambience as well as to attract your clients. Now, as said earlier it is a place where you do your professional work, so the decoration of your study should not be very funky. You should rather go for a very royal and classy decoration for your study.

The first thing you should pay proper attention to is the furniture of your study. There should be a proper study table with chairs to facilitate your work. You can also go for a sofa where clients can wait to meet you.

Since it is your working place, you might need certain books while working, so make sure you have got wardrobe built on the wall for keeping books. The interior of your study room including the wall paint, wall décor, furniture, etc should be in complete compliance with each other and should attract people at the first go. You can also use a good quality carpet on the floor as it enhances the appearance of your study to a greater extent.

Pine beam for your house décor

Pine beam, home decorHave you considered using pine beam for your home? If not, then that is something which you should surely consider as Pine beams add warmth and simplicity to your home. The best part is that they are available in plenty of varieties to select from that will suit your preference completely.

The magnanimous range of pine beams comes in various shades and varieties. You can select a yellow or white one kind of wood. You can also paint them according to your favorable colors. But it is advised to keep the look of pine beams as natural as possible. Pine beam is available in different kinds of breeds as well. Some of them to name are heart, antique, reclaimed, pitch and yellow.

Apart from the color and breed, you also have to consider the styling. If you are planning a country home designing, then pine beam is going to be perfectly. You can even use pine beams for modern house décor as well as they add a distinct character to your house.